This is how the Parkius digital parking management system works

  1. Scanners mounted on a car or moped take photos of the number plates of all the vehicles passed.
  2. The Parkius application recognises the scanned number plates with an accuracy of 99.8 per cent.
  3. The scanned number plates are checked against a linked database for a parking permit or payment
  4. In the event of an offence the system immediately dispatches a penalty notice or directs a parking attendant with a handset to the vehicle.
  5. In the event of doubt a parking attendant can check the photos centrally or inspect the situation on site.

Watch the explanatory video here:

Simple implementation of digital parking management

Parkius provides a standardised Software as a Service (SaaS) parking solution. This facilitates rapid and low-cost implementation. Through our network of valued partners we provide every municipality with the configuration that best meets their needs. One municipality might opt for full service, while another prefers to maintain complete control, or operate certain elements of the parking management themselves.

Whatever the case, Parkius provides automatic updates and numerous add-on solutions.

Smart City: smart solutions for smart cities

Municipalities working with the Parkius parking system can also easily add-on numerous supplementary solutions. Parkius facilitates easy and efficient management relating to waste dumping, road signs, cafe terraces as well as forecast traffic and parking intensity.

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