The benefits of Parkius

  • Cost-efficient cloud-based solution with rapid implementation in client’s IT environment
  • The number of vehicles checked will immediately increase by up to 200 per cent
  • Targeted checks optimise revenue and minimise costs
  • Online appeals procedure that is easy to access and set up

Advantages of using Parkius

Parkius pioneered digital parking management in the Netherlands. Municipalities and enforcement operators choose Parkius because of these major advantages:

  • 10 years experience in digital parking technology
    We have been working on the optimisation of our parking solution since 2008. As a result we can now offer our clients a rich, cheap and easy-to-implement SaaS parking solution.
  • 10 years of working closely with municipalities and enforcement operators
  • This means we understand the needs and goals of our clients better than anyone. And we can adapt our solution to any situation as required, for the best results.
  • SaaS parking solution: fast, simple and cheap to implement
  • Our SaaS solution requires a small initial investment and is compatible with all systems. Parkius guarantees optimum support, automatic updates and unlimited data storage.
  • Valued partners provide hardware and services
  • Working with our partners we supply every component of the parking management system. Clients can opt for a full-service solution or retain a management role or control over parts of the parking management system.
  • Direct results and return on investment
  • Our SaaS solution will be operational within just a few weeksand the number of vehicles checked will immediately increase by 200 per cent. The system will therefore pay for itself in no time at all.

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  • Low-cost makes tendering unnecessary
    Our SaaS solution is cost effective. Because the initial costs are often less than €30,000 no tendering procedure is necessary. This means that digital parking management can begin right away.
  • Central system provides real-time insight into parking management
  • The clear central dashboard of the SaaS solution shows all the activities of the enforcement team in real-time, the recorded offences and the key performance indicators (KPIs) to be met.
  • Targeted patrols will optimise revenue and reduce cost Smart data analysis means that patrols will always take place at the locations and times when parking offences are most likely to occur. Patrols will therefore always help to address the situation in those areas with the most parking problems.
  • Efficient appeals procedure with scans shown onlineThose appealing can view their vehicle scans and the immediate environment directly online. This leads to fewer appeals and makes the handling of any appeals pursued much more efficient.
  • Parkius is at the forefront when it comes to privacy and data security Parkius develops all new software in accordance with the privacy-by-design principle*, and as a result already met all the provisions of the GDPR well before 25 May 2018.