Digital parking enforcement

The Dutch government has long pursued a policy of curbing car use in favour of public transport and cycling. However, over the last twenty or thirty years this policy has had little effect. Parking has therefore had an ever increasing impact on public space. As a result municipalities find themselves faced with the increasingly challenging task of providing the right number of parking places in the right place, at the right time and for the right target groups.

Municipalities that do not manage to deal with this problem successfully immediately see an adverse impact on the quality of the built environment (in which people live and work) and the perceived attractiveness of their location for businesses. A combination of smart spatial planning, parking permits, paid parking and reduced parking times provides only a partial solution. Any parking policy is likely to fail unless it is backed up with effective enforcement.

That is why more and more municipalities have opted for digital parking enforcement. Parkius facilitates smooth introduction of efficient and user-friendly digital parking enforcement. The easily implemented SaaS (Software as a Service) solution can be effortlessly linked to any required system. Any municipality will immediately be able to increase the number of vehicles checked per hour by 200 per cent. Using the Parkius applications the data can also be turned into useful information for setting sound policy, making strategic and tactical decisions and managing the enforcement operation.

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